Ebert Construction - Quality or Quickness

July 15, 2018
Some construction companies will cut corners in order to give their clients a faster or cheaper finished project. This leaves the customer with a project that may be finished on paper, but is certainly not finished. Ebert Construction knows what it takes both financially and time wise to get your project done because they have completed hundreds of projects. Their goal is to provide impeccable service and quality craftsmanship. The team of experts at Ebert Construction always strives to provide quality work that leaves their customers satisfied. From project conception to final completion, Ebert Construction is committed to bringing quality construction to all of their customer’s projects.

How Ebert Construction Can Help You

December 26, 2017
There simply are not very many general contractors, in Minnesota or anywhere else, who can help you if you decide you don’t want to put up a new building for some reason. However, Ebert Construction is no run-of-the-mill contractor. They offer full service to every client, which means the clients themselves make the decisions, not the contractor. In many cases, for many businesses, leasing is often the most rational choice at a given time, and Ebert Construction will provide tenant representation services to those clients. That means, even if they don’t build a new facility, they will help acquire the best possible facilities for their needs and negotiate the best terms.

That’s not all. Ebert Construction will also assist clients in calculating their space requirements and they can also evaluate potential alternatives, to make sure you’re not wasting your money. Face it; there are many qualified contractors to choose from in the state of Minnesota, if your goal is just to build a new commercial property for your company, but few, if any, can do everything Ebert Construction can do. When you choose them to help you, you will find a seriously expanded definition of “full service.”